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  4. Aaron's happy place

    Aaron's happy place
  5. Slave Sub and Doormat

    Thank you so much Sir! It is the honor of my life to be of service to you. You have given my life meaning and I'm so thankful to be of use to you.
  6. Yo Bruh, Just wanted to let you know that everything looks great on here..... You have spent many of hours working on this website and it shows. I appreciate you doing all this with very little help from yours truly. I know what this means to you, even if you don't want to admit the real reason why. I need you to understand that thanks to you I've became a real Dom. I've learned to look at all aspects of healthy kink, consent and checklists. Now I have the know-how to do everything I can for the kink community. All the young boi pussy of my future thanks you as well. Until next time,
  7. Getting Cut!

  8. First of all it has had to resort to the key lock for the next week.... it wants to be committed to Sir Trevor and to Sir AAron while it’s in the process of gaining different employment... it has several job interviews over the new week and it knows that it will be doing drug test and it will be having to take the Chasity of to do them.. if it’s in the key lock it can take it off and immediately put it back on and not be waisting the number locks.... it also has a few court dates to deal with some personal issues ( noting criminal)... it will be greatfull when it’s over a lot of stress will be gone... A new carrier and some headaches gone also.... Now on to changes made.... it use to jack off several times daily sometimes more, however being locked in Chasity has definitely changed that... it’s had to find things to occupy its time like doing this blog, going to other sites and getting to know others that’s also locked in a Chasity.... it has also been trying to advertise this site when possible😀... it has also found that it has more energy to get stuff done around the house... I know the house thanks SIRS for that.... cumming takes lots of energy and focus.... being a chasityslave has definitely been a life change more than it expected... when it first started talking to SIRS about it and they both told me this it’s like ok and..... it’s been since February 14 that it has jack off, touched Sirs Ownedchasityslave cock for sexual pleasure.... has it been easy in one way hell yes and in another way no... yes in fact when looking and talking to Sirs or about Sirs it would love nothing more to play with its cock... in the way of no- it’s the commitment to please Sirs that makes it easier... sometimes it takes its flu stratification out on others but they don’t know why... which I really enjoy ... it may be wrong for it to do it but oh well... maybe it’s how they say or do what they do to make me go off.., some days my boss tell me I’m on my period— and I tell her ‘you just don’t know’..... if anyone had any questions or ideas for a blog topic feel free to let it know...,
  9. Punishment

    Sir AAron handed down my punishment this morning for not properly washing correctly the other day when it used the hair removal.. its punishment would be to put ice on its cock for 2 minutes when it was out of Chasity today for cleaning and to post the video of it in my blog. Sirs here is the video Sirs 42C7FE02-6566-4E0B-BC7B-120E2D4CFD46.MOV
  10. John Doe No. 24

    Sir thanks for sharing those words with us Sir
  11. John Doe No. 24

    "Alone. Yes, that's the key word. The most awful word in the english tongue. Murder doesn't hold a candle to it and hell is only a poor synonym."-Stephen King It's easy to feel alone in the world, misunderstood, unloved. We all must go through those long nights. We make drastic changes in our lives, often in a desperate fight to not feel lonely. Loneliness has been the curse that caused many bad decisions throughout history. It is also something that can teach and inspire us to better ourselves. The definition of loneliness is both subjective and objective. How you perceive the world determines how you define it. And our darkest, deepest of emotions, such as loneliness, is no exception. I would like to share with you a story I heard from Mary Chapin Carpenter's song "John Doe No. 24" I discovered it in the late 90's, and the story behind it starts in 1945 in Jacksonville, Illinois. A black teenager is seen roaming the streets. He is deaf and mute and seemingly all alone. When the police find him, they decide he is mentally ill and lock him away in a mental institution. He will spend the rest of his life in places like this. He once scribbled the name "Lewis". That's the only clue we have as to his name. The environment of mental institutions at that time was very rough. He developed some abnormal behavior as a result. They gave him many drugs, which eventually caused him to go blind. It wasn't until later in his life that people were assigned to help him. He got close to each of them, but suffered severe depression every time one of those people left him. "The years kept passing as they passed me around from one state ward to another. Like I was an orphan shoe from the lost and found, always missing the other."- Mary Chapin Carpenter. As the years went by, things improved in the mental health institutions, and John found more caregivers, and even an assisted living facility where he could live somewhat independently. He was very much loved by everyone who took care of him. Sometimes, they would bring a jazz band to play for the patients. John danced his heart out. He loved the vibrations that he could feel as the band played on. He was warm, funny and compassionate. The prejudices of the 40's and a flawed mental health system shattered many of his hopes and dreams. But he kept his spirit intact. "What we see, over and over again, is that there's a resiliency of the human spirit that is not going to be destroyed. It's not going to just survive, it's going to win. John is a good example of that."-Sister Bernadette Wynne. Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults In 1993, John died. He was to be buried in an unmarked grave. Luckily, Mary Chapin Carpenter not only read the obituary and wrote her song about him, but also purchased a tombstone for him. On this tombstone, is one of the lyrics from her song: "Life's a mystery, so too is the human heart." I want my first tattoo to be these words. After the song came out, it inspired David Bakke to find out more about this man, and he interviewed everyone he could find. His book "God knows his name: The True Story of John Doe No. 24" is among my most prized books. There's lots we can learn from John. We can be thankful for all the people and love that we have in our lives. We can be thankful that the world is not the same as it was in 1945. We can be thankful for the chances and freedoms that we have that John did not. But his story is not just one to teach us gratitude, it's also one to remind us that no matter how hard things get in life, we can pull through and still be that warm, compassionate person that he was. And despite whatever obstacles we face, we can make our hopes and dreams a reality. Growing within and connecting with others is what life is all about. We should not only do it for ourselves, but for those we might be able to help. We should also do it to honor all who came before us and tried, both the ones who came out the other end better off, and for those that just didn't have the strength. I think about him often. I tell this story to the people I know as much as I can. But the best way to hear the story, is to listen to the song:
  12. Ownedchasityslave

    The life of being in chastity! I remember feeling all special and unique knowing I was wearing mine at work and no one having a clue!
  13. Thought

    Very very true. And, the life waiting for us can be better than the one we've planned. We just gotta be open to, and embrace change.
  14. Ownedchasityslave has a straight guy over working in the house on the other side of the wall.. He doesn’t know it’s locked in a Chasity and it’s writing this blog...
  15. Thought

    Thought of the week
  16. Situation at work

  17. Sir Trevor 🔑Sir AAron Ownedchasityslave

    Sir yes Sir
  18. Sirs sissy bitch Ownedchasityslave
  19. You didn't clean it good enough if you still had some of the cream left on you. A good chastity slave knows how to clean themselves. I'm gonna talk to Trevor and see what your punishment will be.
  20. Sirs sissy bitch chasityslave had a scare this morning.. Last night it was given permission by Sir AAron it could remove Chasity so it could shave and clean its Chasity and was told not to play with its cock which it didn’t do. It taken the Chasity off put it in some warm soapy water and went about getting hair removed .it had bought some Veet hair removal and it did a great job and cleaned and dried the Chasity. It put it back on and sent Sir AAron a picture of its cock locked back up.. everything was fine until this morning when it balls started burning like fire... it quickly realized it had left some cream and it was behind the Chasity ring and when it put the lube on this morning preparing to go to work it had a reaction to it.... it quickly cut the serial number off and was and cleaned the creams off and dried it once again and was able to apply some lube and replace the Chasity... it hasn’t given it anymore pain or discomfort.... advice make sure if you any hair removal make sure u get it all off.. rinse several times and dry well.. it’s new serial number is locked and it was sent to Sir.... like it has said in the forum and in the previous blog it is honored to be serving Sir Trevor and Sir AAron as Sirs sissy bitch chasityslave....
  21. Introduction

    Nice introduction there boy. This blog will be a great place for you not only to share pics but lots of other stuff too-things that happen throughout your day because of Chastity, how hard you have to try not to cum, your dedication to serving us, your thoughts and emotions as the weeks go on without being able to please yourself. Other people in Chastity will be able to relate, and other people new to it will have a little bit more knowledge. Before you know it you might have people contacting you for advice!
  22. Introduction

    It all started with a fantasy and before it knew it it was a reality. In the Late December cs was scrolling chaturbate and came across theses 2 guys one line and there title was 4 love of kink and it sparked my interest so it started watching shows.. the two guys names was Trevor which is the dom and AAron which is the sub... So after watching the shows a few time they mention that if you signed into there website you could watch buy some of there videos and in the website you could contact them there. After the show it decided to sign in and see what it was all about... The next thing it know I was emailing them about becoming there Chasity Slave.. it quickly learned its place It would be the slave to Sir AAron and Sir Arron is the Sub to Sir Trevor.. Although most of the communication is through Sir AAron Sir Trevor has the final say... after a few weeks it was honored to became owned by SIRs...on February 14 it was locked in a Chasity with Sirs dog tag attached and a dog tag around its neck. The dog tag around Chasity slave neck is made with 2 leather cords one for Sir Trevor and one for Sir Aaron.. it is locked with a paid lock also... it’s knows it will not get the pleasure of getting to receive any of Sir Trevor cum unless it is second handed like off the floor the body or out of the ass of Sir AAron... As Sir Trevor has told chasity slave numerous times “ it is a sissy bitch chasity slave who’s only purpose is to serve it masters with its mouth or ass and it’s cock should be considered nothing more more than a object to piss from sitting down not worthy to stand like even his sub is allowed to”.. it is with great honor and pleasure to serve Sir Trevor and Sir AAron as it chasity slave.... In this blog Sir AAron has ordered it to post its pictures and to write my thoughts as it begins this journey as there chasity slave... Sir AAron said it also wants it to start training its ass to take a large size butt plug and show the world not only does it cock belong to Sirs but it’s ass also.”.... The journey begins for Sirs chasity slave with honor
  23. Playing with invisible fire

    Thank You for reading and for your nice comment Steam! I do hope that it might help someone some day. I'm a big believer that sharing our own life stories is often the best way to help and inspire others and it's good to know that this touched you. It means that I'm doing something right!
  24. Playing with invisible fire

    Oh my god, Aaron. Thank you so much for sharing that. It’s was so beautifully written!! It’s inspiring to see that even after a painful and damaging past that it’s possible to emerge on the other side with the confidence and courage to share your experiences. I know without a doubt that this entry will help someone who may be struggling themselves. Thank you again.
  25. Playing with invisible fire

    BDSM and kinks are powerful, fun, and rewarding, but as with anything worth exploring in life, risk comes with it. As I've explained in previous entries, I suffer from depression, anxiety, and have faced thoughts of suicide many times in my past. I would not have made it this far if it wasn't for persistence to be constantly be aware of my thoughts. Which ones are logical? Which ones are not? These were the two big questions I challenged myself with every day throughout my college career. I put college off until I was 25, and when I finally made the jump and got enrolled, I realized that I wasn't going to make it in school or in life if I allowed the depression to get the best of me. I found that in order to complete my education, my thoughts had to change. I had to stop telling myself that I couldn't. I had to avoid feeling so inferior and less smart or capable then my peers. And I had to have a positive attitude. While I still struggle today, I'm far better off then I was before my college days. Through determination to better myself, I got into the habit of protecting myself from myself. Making sure the feelings of worthlessness and being less of a person then others did not get into my way. I graduated almost a year ago now, but after four years of practicing this, it became a habit, and a good one. But that's where things get confusing. In my own life, I struggle with these feelings, but yet in the bedroom they also turn me on! I think there's a lot to be said about having the opportunity to celebrate your problems, to embrace both the good and the bad about yourself, and when Trevor ties me up and uses me, he's in control. I don't have to do a damn thing but lay there and submit, and I get a break from constantly worrying about what I'm thinking. It makes me feel relieved and ready to keep taking the problems on. Sometimes in order to make a problem better, you have to embrace it first. But you have to know how far to take it. To an extent, it can help, but it can also hurt if you go to far. That's the reality of BDSM. And how far is too far is completely individual. Case in point: Trevor and I. We have talked at length about my issues. He has been there and helped me many times. And my life is easier and better because of him. Mind fucking is a big part of his kinks, and I expressed concern that I may not be the right person for it, but I also consented to it. Looking back, I knew deep down inside that it was wrong for me to do that kind of play. Safety starts with the sub. If the sub doesn't establish the needed limits, then that's where the danger begins. Trevor was very careful as to how he carried it out. It started out first as a new punishment; I was not allowed to touch his dick anymore. Then, he hooked up with three other people inside of one week, sent me pics of his new "better" bottom and also sent some text messages telling me how much of a worthless fag I am. While I licked his ass, he edged but didn't cum, saying that I wasn't good enough to make him cum. The word "fag" is also an issue with me. I had a fairly severe speech impediment growing up. In fact, you could hardly understand a word I was saying for the first ten years of my life. Because I sounded so different, the other kids decided that I was gay, They called me every name in the book, but mostly "fag" and "fag boy". While there are other factors that affected my ability to develop social skills, this certainly played a big role in my development. Being called these names constantly every day as a young child, not having a single teacher or staff member attempt to stop it was hard enough. Finding out later that I was gay? Not easy at all. I was even called fag during my high school graduation. It hurts for any gay person to be called this, and my history with this word probably means that I shouldn't play with it. It gets difficult here, because as much as I want to embrace and celebrate my problems and past in the context of BDSM play, there's still unsafe paths that should be avoided. I didn't recognize this, in fact I told Trevor that the word doesn't bother me anymore. I told him this several times over the course of six months. But time has passed, personal reflection has happened, and he said he won't use that word with me anymore. That was his call, and it's probably for the best. All of those things were just meant for play. And compared to other mental play, it's very light. He was being very careful, and he made sure to talk to me about how it was affecting me. But we didn't know what to make of my reactions at the time. First, I felt neutral about the whole thing, then I felt relived. Relieved because I never felt like I sucked his dick good enough or was a good bottom, and not having to worry about it anymore felt good. He told me to practice my sucking skills and wear a butt plug so that I can serve him better. I did those things not because I wanted to be a better sub, but for business reasons. I saw how lousy I was in the porn videos, and realized I had to do better, since people would be watching, But someone who truly has passion and feels submissive would do it for their Dom and no other reason. They would feel eager, not neutral or relieved. Neither of us realized it at the time, but a few months later I looked back recently and realized why I felt that way. Feeling neutral about things that should have emotion is a sign of depression; it's also a way that your brain protects itself. And I probably felt relieved not because of the dick issue, but because I wasn't experiencing the pain that I felt he was trying to impose on me. The agreement that Trevor and I had since the beginning was that we are free to hook up with other people. But last summer I got all those romantic feelings going for him and we had some pretty intense drama because of it. But I loved being his sub, and I worked hard to make sure that I channel that love as a sub. I learned to embrace our situation, to be thankful for what we have, and to truly enjoy it. After all, Trevor is an amazing friend and Dom. I felt that I was more than ready for him to sleep with others. I feel that I was fine with it then and that I'm fine with it now. But all the other things added to it at the same time? No. This all happened last November, just two months after all the drama that we dealt with. But that drama was painful. The unintended message he gave me was that he was trying to put me through that same pain. I wanted to submit. I wanted to try this. And I wanted to escalate the D/s relationship with him. But it's so hard recognizing what's going on in your sub conscious. As the weeks pushed on, I found myself feeling less and less submissive. Going from something private behind closed doors to broadcasting everything we are all over the internet sure had an affect as well. When it comes to problems, rarely is there a single event to blame. But I'm relived again. I'm relived because I feel that I finally figured out what the problem was. And I can once again stop those pesky negative thoughts now that they are out in the open. It took me a while to figure it all out, but I did and I'm thankful for it. Was I hurt? Yes, Was it in a way I imagined? No. But there is no anger or sadness on this end, just a desire to move on and take the lesson to heart. But this is not all about me, it's also about Trevor. He felt a huge amount of guilt over everything, and, as we always do, we talked about it at length. He even thought that perhaps it's toxic for me to be involved with him. And that even though he can commit to not doing it anymore there's still the past. Our past is not all bad, it's mostly good. And I told him that he's saving more than hurting me. Because: -We are always there for each other when we need someone to listen. He has helped me through several dark times since this past May. -He has put me in sub-space many times. My life has been in his hands. I've given up complete control to him when he's had me restrained. And being able to just let go and let someone I can trust take control, pushing my limits but yet keeping me safe are among the greatest gifts he has given me. I've had a couple of sad moments since leaving college; and since I've meant Trevor, I've found that they are passing much more quickly. What used to be a dark month is now a dark week, or sometimes even just a dark day. Because of him, the sun comes out more often now. -Because of Trevor, I've had the opportunity to challenge my views and beliefs about myself, other people, and life in general. He is helping me overcome my social anxiety simply by being himself. He shows me that you can, after all, put your trust and faith in other people. For someone like me, who only trusts a small handful of people of whom I've known for years, this is no small achievement. -And most importantly, he has shown me that it's okay to have flaws, and that I'm a worthy person despite those flaws. If our serious conversations were not so personal, I would record them all and put them online! Aftercare it something he has always taken so seriously. He is a sensitive and caring person. And that is what makes him a good Dom. Everything else about a Dom doesn't matter without those qualities. And some good came out of it. I suck dick better and I'm a much better bottom than before. And I discovered something of which I should be proud of. After four years of struggling with protecting myself against negative thoughts, I'm at least now partially doing it on a sub-conscious level. That discovery made the whole experience worth it. This discovery was yet another unexpected gift Trevor gave me. It's funny how some of the best things people do for you are completely unexpected and unintentional. But I am just a sub, perhaps this was his way of helping me grow all along. Perhaps he had a plan and this is exactly how he planned for it to happen. But regardless if this was intentional or not, this is just among the many things I will always be thankful for. Even after we go our separate ways some day, his gifts will last forever. Our past is, after all, the things that we are made of. Mistakes were made on both ends. I told him how I feel it affected me so that we can both learn for the future. And now I'm ready to move forward. Letting go and learning is what it's all about. You don't get to have the good without the bad. So, the question is, as it always should be, is the good worth the price of the bad? When I comes to our D/s relationship, I can say without a doubt that the answer is YES.
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