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About this blog

chasity slave is honored to be owned by Sir Trevor and Sir AAron as of 2/14/18. In this blog is where cs will be posting pics of its numbered locked cock along with its ownership dog tag.. 


Entries in this blog


Today bitchboi pup ate its first meal from it dog dish.... bitchboi pup will be eating its meals from its dog dish when at home.... it felt awesome being on all fours with its collar on and eating like it’s suppose to ... bitchboi also has  a water dish to drink from also... pup can’t wait till it’s puptail arrives and it can wear its tail also... bitchboi pup will be adding pictures and videos soon.... 


It’s been a while since it’s posted anything on here and sorry for not posting updates.... first of all yes it’s still in it’s locked chasity since February 14, 2018... it only comes off once a week for cleaning and for shaving.... when I do have to take it off it feels very naked without it on.... it did have to change from using serial number lockes... it has been interviewing for other Line of work..... it has also taken on the name “bitchboi pup”  it’s has for a while now pup play inside it and now with the training bitchboi pup will become the pup it’s ment to be... on all fours licking both Sirs feet and ass. also taking whatever sirs want in whatever hole Sirs want... As of last night it now has a pup collar and a ownership tag it will wear while at home and it must be on when chatting with Sir..

On the front of the tag reads ‘Owned bitchboi pup by Sir Trevor and Sir Arron’ on the backside reads ‘ piss in pups ass before returning home’. 

It has a tag it wears 24/7 on a chain that on the front reads ‘bitchboi pup’ and on the back it reads ‘Owned by Sir Trevor and Sir Arron... 

it is very honored that Sir Trevor and Sir Aaron would accept bitchboi pup as there pup and chasityslave.. sirs already hold its key to its cock!!!  Now with the placement of the collar around bitchboi pups neck..l9E050271-1A9D-4B17-99C3-E7056D9D3F89.thumb.jpeg.f91d54c93eb6b00b0ef71caa1e444e49.jpegstarts the training of  bitchboi pup to be the best pup it can be... bitchboi pup can’t wait till the day pup can take hold of its leash in its mouth and place it at Sir Trevor and Sir AAron feet.... 


First of all it has had to resort to the key lock for the next week.... it wants to be committed to Sir Trevor and to Sir AAron while it’s in the process of gaining different employment... it has several job interviews over the new week and it knows that it will be doing drug test and it will be having to take the Chasity of to do them.. if it’s in the key lock it can take it off and immediately put it back on and not be waisting the number locks.... it also has a few court dates to deal with some personal issues ( noting criminal)... it will be greatfull when it’s over a lot of stress will be gone... A new carrier and some headaches gone also....

Now on to changes made.... it use to jack off several times daily sometimes more, however being locked in Chasity has definitely changed that... it’s had to find things to occupy its time like doing this blog, going to other sites and getting to know others that’s also locked in a Chasity.... it has also been trying to advertise this site when possible?... it has also found that it has more energy to get stuff done around the house... I know the house thanks SIRS for that.... cumming takes lots of energy and focus.... being a chasityslave has definitely been a life change more than it expected... when it first started talking to SIRS about it and they both told me this it’s like ok and..... it’s been since February 14 that it has jack off, touched Sirs Ownedchasityslave cock for sexual pleasure.... has it been easy in one way hell yes and in another way no... yes in fact when looking and talking to Sirs or about Sirs it would love nothing more to play with its cock... in the way of no- it’s the commitment to please Sirs that makes it easier... sometimes it takes its flu stratification out on others but they don’t know why... which I really enjoy ... it may be wrong for it to do it but oh well... maybe it’s how they say or do what they do to make me go off.., some days my boss tell me I’m on my period— and I tell her ‘you just don’t know’..... 

if anyone had any questions or ideas for a blog topic feel free to let it know..., 




Sirs sissy bitch chasityslave had a scare this morning.. Last night it was given permission by Sir AAron it could remove Chasity so it could shave and clean its Chasity and was told not to play with its cock which it didn’t do. It taken the Chasity off put it in some warm soapy water and went about getting hair removed .it had bought some Veet hair removal and it did a great job and cleaned and dried the Chasity. It put it back on and sent Sir AAron a picture of its cock locked back up.. everything was fine until this morning when it balls started burning like fire... it quickly realized it had left some cream and it was behind the Chasity ring and when it put the lube on this morning preparing to go to work it had a reaction to it.... it quickly cut the serial number off and was and cleaned the creams off and dried it once again and was able to apply some lube and replace the Chasity... it hasn’t given it anymore pain or discomfort.... advice make sure if you any hair removal make sure u get it all off.. rinse several times and dry well.. it’s new serial number is locked and it was sent to Sir.... like it has said in the forum and in the previous blog it is honored to be serving Sir Trevor and Sir AAron as Sirs sissy bitch chasityslave.... 



It all started with a fantasy and before it knew it it was a reality. In the Late December  cs was scrolling chaturbate and came across theses 2 guys one line and there title was 4 love of kink and it sparked my interest so it started watching shows.. the two guys names was Trevor which is the dom and AAron which is the sub... So after watching the shows a few time they mention that if you signed into there website you could watch buy some of there videos and in the website you could contact them there. After the show it decided to sign in and see what it was all about...

The next thing it know I was emailing them about becoming there Chasity Slave.. it quickly learned its place It would be the slave to Sir AAron and Sir Arron is the Sub to Sir Trevor..

Although  most of the communication is through Sir AAron Sir Trevor has the final say... after a few weeks it was honored to became owned by SIRs...on February 14 it was locked in a Chasity with Sirs dog tag attached and a dog tag around its neck. The dog tag around Chasity slave neck is made with 2 leather cords one for Sir Trevor and one for Sir Aaron.. it is locked with a paid lock also...

it’s knows it will not get the pleasure of getting to receive any of Sir Trevor cum unless it is second handed like off the floor the body or out of the ass of Sir AAron... As Sir Trevor has told chasity slave numerous times “ it is a sissy bitch chasity slave who’s only purpose is to serve it masters with its mouth or ass and it’s cock should be considered nothing more more than a object to piss from sitting down not worthy to stand like even his sub is allowed to”.. it is with great honor and  pleasure to serve Sir Trevor and Sir AAron as it chasity slave.... 

In this blog Sir AAron has ordered it to post its pictures and to write my thoughts as it begins this journey as there chasity slave... Sir AAron said it also wants it to start training its ass to take a large size butt plug and show the world not only does it cock belong to Sirs but it’s ass also.”.... 

The journey begins for Sirs chasity slave with honor



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