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On Thursday, Friday and Sat this week Trevor and Aaron will be together.  Get a solo with one of us or a group with both of us. More about privates here

We will also be live on Chaturbate as well throughout the weekend. Look for some solo shows from Trevor over the next few days.



We are back on Chaturbate

Dear loyal fans,

We are proud to announce that Chaturbate support got back to us last night and reinstated our account. The last 24 hours have been difficult for us, but we are very thankful to Chaturbate for giving us a second chance. We are even more thankful to all of you, our loyal fans. The heartfelt words many of you sent us we will remember forever.  Your support means a lot to us. While we plan to continue broadcasting on the platform, we have to lighten up what we do a little bit in order to abide to their content policy.  If you want to see more intense BDSM stuff, such as harder hitting, piss, tighter restraints, or whatever your kinky heart desires, your best bet is to request a skype show with us. We have lowered these prices to only $30 for 15min with both of us or $15 for one of us.


We will still be doing kinky shows on Chaturbate, just not as intense as you'll find on Skype. The policy is a little less strict on Cam4 as well.

Again, thank you all for your support. It means a lot to us.  You will see us on Chaturbate again, as well as on Cam 4

Many Thanks,

-Trevor & Aaron



In Dire Straits

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 10.49.57 AM.png



Today, 4loveofkink took a turn for the worst. Our main platform, Chaturbate, banned our account. We have worked hard there to provide you with fun and we hope meaningful entertainment. We have appreciated everyone’s kind words and financial support over these last ten months.


   We are personally in dire straits. We have 20,000 tokens in our Chaturbate account, equalling $1,000. When Chaturbate bans accounts, they do not allow you to cash out. Support has been unresponsive to say the least. We are still trying to work with them, but it’s not looking good for us. This $1,000 is our rent money. We are both frustrated, upset and anxious and wondering how to keep our home.


   We have, however, meant some fantastic friends on Chaturbate. For that, we are thankful. We are reaching out to all of our kinky friends for a helping hand.


There are a few ways you can help us:


See us on Cam4:




Our profile there is 4loveofkink2. We can still do all the kinky stuff as before (plus WS for those interested). We have recently uploaded new videos on there as well.


Get a private show with us:




Buy Some Videos:

(We have all the vids from CB plus more!)




Tip To Show Your Support



Thank You Everyone,


-Trevor & Aaron


Pride 2018

 Let Everyone Watch

4love goes to Pride of Detroit 2018 and definitely a weekend to remember. Not only was it Aaron's & I first time attending but also first time doing public kink play. At the fountain in the middle of Heart Plaza Aaron worshiped my feet. I ask some random guy in high heels to capture all the magic :D Sry not the greatest quality picture but still awesome. 





0609181828a (1).jpg




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