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bitchboi pup

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Today bitchboi pup ate its first meal from it dog dish.... bitchboi pup will be eating its meals from its dog dish when at home.... it felt awesome being on all fours with its collar on and eating like it’s suppose to ... bitchboi also has  a water dish to drink from also... pup can’t wait till it’s puptail arrives and it can wear its tail also... bitchboi pup will be adding pictures and videos soon.... 

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Thats awesome it!!! You are becoming what you have always dreamed of being! Now you get to dedicate your life to serving others such as Trev and I!!

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Sounds like things are finally falling into place.......... ill have to find me a pup one day that enjoys some peanut butter ballz.. Nice lil treat for sub humans like yourself.... Thats a good boy :) Such a good boy ha

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