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Hello my name is Trevor and love the behavioral sciences, more importantly psychology. Biology, anthropology, sociology or anything that can help me make sense of why we think or do the things we do. Where do personalities come from? How do I control my own or make sense of it? Would everyone be better off if we could just understand ourselves. At the top of the list is sex, at least for me. What makes it tick? How does it relate to personalities or quality of life? Is it better to know or not to know? It is truly amazing how much of the brain the human race has not figured out yet. I have many questions without real answer. I know that psy will always be my #1 love but now I want to have sex with it hahaha. I’m a new inspiring Dom and want to express myself using my dark side. I’d like to paint an unusual but familiar picture with the brush stroke my cock.

Whilst in college studying PSY, I had my first seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy. I imagine from poor eating habits and ridiculous amounts of stress. A year later my daughter was born and I dropped out. I worried about stuff I have very little control over, like the people I want to help but can’t. Caring drives me crazy because just a few words of wisdom could likely keep someone from a lifetime worth of pain.

I’m now single father with a very large tight knit family. I still tend to care a little too much in my daily life and usually put loved ones before myself. I believe that creation is beautiful and destruction is necessary. I think about life as Yin and Yang. At our core we are both equally good and evil, right and wrong but always a silver lining or something to lose.  Balance is key! I take care of myself so that I can be there when someone is in need. Otherwise we are both screwed.

Linier Spectrums seems to be the way my mind works . No one is all gay or only straight, all man or girl, Completely dominate or only submissive. We all lie on linier spectrums. Some lie farther than the others but without one you can not have the other. Night/day, love/hate and life/death. I’d advise to play devil’s advocate with everything in life and not to be ignorant from the truth of duality.  

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