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    The place about Aaron

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    Everything chastity.

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    Yeah Bitches... To all my peeps down with the peeeeeeee !!! "Mountain Dew" "Apple Juice" "Lemonade" No matter what you call it Piss Play is like no other kink. What about Water sports? Perhaps its about marking territory, like an animal ;) I love that it shows degradation and worship at the same time. You have to really submit to get drenched in someone else's waste. Many piss videos and previews are on there way..... Bulk of them can only be found on Xtube.

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    Hi Guys! BeautyanTheDick here. We really like our stay here at 4loveofkink. Join Our Club, Follow us on Chaturbate, Instagram and Twitter...

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    hey people, we love it here at 4 love of kink! find us on instagram @violetandjohn and on chaturbate

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