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  2. What can we say, it's just too fun to lock his cock, crush his balls, and make him suck cock. I'm sure you understand, how could anyone resist the desire to do that? ;)
  3. sounds like a good plan to me
  4. I'd love to see Aaron in a smaller, tighter chastity cage. It would be hot knowing his big slave dick is crammed uncomfortably inside it's prison and unable to become even slightly erect without a lot of discomfort.
  5. Absolutely! Wearing lacrosse shoulder pads, a jock and dirty socks.
  6. damn that sounds nice!! tied up too?
  7. I'm watching Aaron on CB right now. Every time I see his hairy armpits, all I can think about is sucking on his nipples while pressing my nose into his sweaty armpit and inhaling his masculine stink. Hopefully he would be locked in chastity and straining to get hard from the nipple play. Both of us getting sweaty and horny while I get off on his hot sub body.
  8. That was such a fun day!
  9. This is what a real life Fairy looks like!!!!!
  10. PM me on here and lets talk red shoes!
  11. I'm sorry we missed you! Come backon CB again and tip for "Trevor's homemade lemonade" and he will make some for me to drink and I'll drink it on cam
  12. I was going to tip for a piss tonight but then you got off cam

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