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  5. Bryan

    Cig and Head

    Incredible video boys! I love seeing a dominant guy smoking while getting head. Look forward to more videos like this for sure!
  6. Trevor

    bitchboi pup

    Sounds like things are finally falling into place.......... ill have to find me a pup one day that enjoys some peanut butter ballz.. Nice lil treat for sub humans like yourself.... Thats a good boy Such a good boy ha
  7. MMMMMMMMM... what will this weekend Bring......... Hopefully a lot of cum shoots!!!!!

    Fill Up Tjack4.jpg

    1. Aaron


      mmmmmmm so sexy you are!

  8. Recently I have found I just want to be bound

    With a well braided rope by a man.

    He just wants things his way at the end of the day,

    So he rapes me in the back of a van.

    He doesn't need my consent, and I'm quick to repent

    Should he think I'm not worthy to serve.

    My whole body aflame, I fucking live for this game.

    When I'm punished, it's what I deserve. 1626200147_TornBetweenGoodEvil.jpg.94ca322bb05572869ad49393aaa4f24d.jpg

  9. Hey bud. Just wanted to say thanks for joining!

    1. HangryStarfish


      Absolutely my pleasure! Thanks for sharing your awesome shows!


  10. Eat your Heart Out big grey sheet!!!!!


    Eating Trevor8.jpg

  11. Trevor

    Trevor Undertable Cum

    Trevor jacks off in the kitchen. See it from the camera looking up at him beneath the table. This film does not have audio. Duration: 2:03 Buy From Indiebill: $6.95 Buy From iwantclips: $9.45
  12. Aaron

    Extended Fucking Footage

    Enjoy Extended footage of Trevor and Aaron fucking from a previous cam show. Bareback fucking in all kinds of positions! We also flip in this video and Aaron fucks Trevor. Duration: 26:54 Buy From Indiebill: $13.95 Buy From iwantclips: $19.00
  13. Aaron


    Trevor ties Aaron to the bed and tortures his locked dick and balls. This is a webcam show but with higher quality footage. Duration: 26:54 Buy From Indiebill: $7.95 Buy From iwantclips: $10.00
  14. Aaron

    White Sock Foot Job

    Aaron worships Trevor's white socks and feet. Trevor then proceeds to use Aaron as a footrest and gives his dick a white sock footjob. Duration: 4:55 Buy From Indiebill: $6.95 Buy From iwantclips: $7.71
  15. Hey sir can we talk plz I hope ur not annoy with me I really do want to be your slave so plz hit me up 

  16. Hairybear1993

    We are back on Chaturbate

    Glad to read!
  17. Hairybear1993

    Trevor and Aaron Chaturbate Channel

    looking to be a dom that bottoms any tips
  18. Hairybear1993


    Whn you are shoving your cock in his face while plugging his nose few deep thrusts will hit deeper and gag him more. Also what kinks have you've been wanting to try.
  19. Hey sir 

    1. Trevor


      Hey. Whats up Boy?

    2. Corgilover12902


      Nm here sir can I please serve you 

  20. Ginnijew

    Pride 2018

    This is awesome, i should go to Sydney Marti Gras one year. Last year was the 40th anniversary.
  21. I'm so lucky that you are the one I found to be my Dom! 

    1. Trevor


      Fuck You !!!


  22. Aaron

    Trevor and Aaron Chaturbate Channel

    Yes Steponmyballs! It's all about safety, consent and growth! We like people like you that are on the same page as us!
  23. Aaron

    Test 2

    Test 2
  24. Aaron

    We are back on Chaturbate

    Dear loyal fans, We are proud to announce that Chaturbate support got back to us last night and reinstated our account. The last 24 hours have been difficult for us, but we are very thankful to Chaturbate for giving us a second chance. We are even more thankful to all of you, our loyal fans. The heartfelt words many of you sent us we will remember forever. Your support means a lot to us. While we plan to continue broadcasting on the platform, we have to lighten up what we do a little bit in order to abide to their content policy. If you want to see more intense BDSM stuff, such as harder hitting, piss, tighter restraints, or whatever your kinky heart desires, your best bet is to request a skype show with us. We have lowered these prices to only $30 for 15min with both of us or $15 for one of us. We will still be doing kinky shows on Chaturbate, just not as intense as you'll find on Skype. The policy is a little less strict on Cam4 as well. Again, thank you all for your support. It means a lot to us. You will see us on Chaturbate again, as well as on Cam 4 Many Thanks, -Trevor & Aaron
  25. Steponmyballs2

    Gym Fuck

    I’d follow Trevor home from that gym and work on making him so satisfied he wouldn’t want to leave for weeks. Aaron is an extremely handsome and convincing sub. You can tell he really gets off on being degraded by a superior guy and that he knows his place around him. Love that Trevor feels entitled to step all over Aaron. Very nice feet! Trevor is a very lucky guy! I wouldn’t mind worshipping the both of you!
  26. Steponmyballs2

    Beat That Dick

    Now that’s what I’m talking about! Great little film of Trevor smacking Aaron’s cock and balls with a crop strap while Trevor fills Aaron’s throat with his own dick. Aaron can only moan, groan and keep sucking. Love it when Trevor puts his weight on Aaron’s chest and pummels Aaron’s throat with his cock. My only request would be to see Trevor cum in and on Aaron’s mouth and face or at least bury a load deep in his throat.? maybe work those nipples also.
  27. Steponmyballs2

    Ball Torture

    This was very well done, you can see from his smile that Trevor enjoys causing Aaron to experience the pain of Trevor doing whatever he wants to Aaron’s balls, Trevor does own them after all. The one change I would have made is when doing cbt on Aaron, Trevor should at some point free Aaron from the chastity device so that we viewers can see just how much Aaron is enjoying submitting to his master’s whim. CBT combined with edging is sooo hot, you guys would be great at it.
  28. Aaron

    In Dire Straits

    Today, 4loveofkink took a turn for the worst. Our main platform, Chaturbate, banned our account. We have worked hard there to provide you with fun and we hope meaningful entertainment. We have appreciated everyone’s kind words and financial support over these last ten months. We are personally in dire straits. We have 20,000 tokens in our Chaturbate account, equalling $1,000. When Chaturbate bans accounts, they do not allow you to cash out. Support has been unresponsive to say the least. We are still trying to work with them, but it’s not looking good for us. This $1,000 is our rent money. We are both frustrated, upset and anxious and wondering how to keep our home. We have, however, meant some fantastic friends on Chaturbate. For that, we are thankful. We are reaching out to all of our kinky friends for a helping hand. There are a few ways you can help us: See us on Cam4: Our profile there is 4loveofkink2. We can still do all the kinky stuff as before (plus WS for those interested). We have recently uploaded new videos on there as well. Get a private show with us: Buy Some Videos: (We have all the vids from CB plus more!) Tip To Show Your Support Thank You Everyone, -Trevor & Aaron
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