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  3. My cock is always caged and locked, and I am always horny and willing🤤

    1. Aaron


      Thats what I like to hear!

  4. Aaron

    Aaron Cums

    Aaron gets off live cam, gets out some hot porn, and turns his vibrator on to just the right level. Watch his big load ooze out. Duration: 7:22 Buy From Indiebill: $9.95 Buy from Manyvids: $19.95
  5. Aaron

    Outside Armpit Worship & Fuck

    Aaron worships Trevor's pits outside then gets fucked. Duration: 2:35 Buy From Manyvids: $9.99
  6. The categories in the links directory is an ongoing list. As folks submit links, the categories will grow. In the meantime, feel free to post your links in the main categories if a sub one doesn't match your link. I'll add sub categories and move links to those as needed. Thank You for your help in establishing our online community!
  7. Aaron

    Film 911

    I really like this studio. They don't do any nudity, but they do some awesome kinks that are hard to find elsewhere. Very much appreciative of these guys taking care of all of those lesser known or less common kinks. so that all of us, no matter how kink, have porn to enjoy. Thanks guys! I've bought plenty of your vids!
  8. Aaron

    Lovense Stuff

    For those of you interested in those vibrators that we use on cam all the time!
  9. Aaron


  10. The main place we cam at
  11. jeff

    Thanks that was awesome do another like that love your sexy jeans 👖 next time overhead camera 🎥 shoots and a little belly button attention would be awesome Thanks great video!

    1. Aaron


      Glad you like it! We will definitely amp everything up next time

  12. Aaron

    Sleep Cam

    We will be live streaming ourselves (non nude) on here from time to time when we go to sleep. Check us out here:
  13. Aaron

    We are now on Manyvids!

    4loveofkink has finally made it to Manyvids! Check out our new storefront below:
  14. Ginnijew


    So both Aaron and Trevor know this about me. I love chastity, I love the thought that some controls when I'm allowed to cum or not. I am willing to discuss what I've found during my time in chastity. Who else here like being in chastity or locking their boys in chastity.
  15. Aaron

    The Thoughtful Voraphile

    A great resource for people into vore. I think those into other extreme kinks might find this helpful as well, as it talks a lot about accepting your kinks as a part of who you are, and acting on them well.
  16. Aaron

    Big Weekend Cuming up

    On Thursday, Friday and Sat this week Trevor and Aaron will be together. Get a solo with one of us or a group with both of us. More about privates here We will also be live on Chaturbate as well throughout the weekend. Look for some solo shows from Trevor over the next few days.
  17. Hey just wanted to say thank you for posting links to share in the links directory! We appreciate your support and involvement

    1. HangryStarfish


      My pleasure, Aaron! Anything for you boys. If I can't lick you, I may as well help fill up your site with great content, or however that old saying goes. 😈

    2. Aaron


      Awww you are so sweet!

  18. Who wants a private tomorrow? Solo or group!


  19. Aaron


    Just wanted to say Thank You for creating a club!
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