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  • What We Have To Offer:

    Our Chaturbate currently has over 11000 followers, and we are working hard to grow and develop this website into a place for kinky people alike to grow and connect with one another. The 4loveofkink community is free for everyone (and always will be) For webcam models, we offer a powerful, easy to use platform. Webcam models can benefit from our free website features such as:


    -Have your own online community separate from the rest 4loveofkink. Keep the attention on you! Clubs can be public (anyone can join), Private (you must invite people to join, this is a great solution if you want to charge for access) and Hidden (same as private except hidden to those without invites)

    Custom Home Page: Choose either an activity steam for your club's home page or make your own custom home page.

    Image Gallery: Keep your fans happy, engaged, and coming back!

    Blogs: Clubs can have their own, exclusive blogs.

    Calendar: Make sure your fans know when you'll be on for them

    Links Directory: Your club can have it's own separate links directory. Post links to your other profiles,  links to items and content that you sell elsewhere, or simply share links around the web that are important to you.


    If you want the extra exposure, you can also create a blog in the main blogging system. This will feature your entries across the entire community. You can assign multiple authors, only grant specific users permission to view (great if you want offer exclusive content for your fan base, but don't want to maintain a club)


    Connect with your fans and the rest of the community. We are happy to provide you with your own forum and sub forums. Just send Aaron a message.

    Activity Stream

    Much like your Facebook news feed, anytime you post something it will show up in the activity page for everyone to see. Of course, a club post will only appear in the Activity page for those who are members of your club

    Advanced Technology

    Invision Community provides the backbone of this website. No coding or web design knowledge is required for the  features listed above. Search engine indexing, security and new features being added often means minimal downtime and a dependable, easy way to connect with your fans. Support is provided on the forum as well as through private messaging or email.


  • Interested? We've got two options:

  • Locally and directly with us

    If you live near Detriot, Michigan and have a passion for modeling and Kink, we would love to join forces and cam with you! Message either Trevor or Aaron on this website to see if the three of us might be a match. Remember, even if we don't end up physically working together, you can still take advantage of all of the features listed above. Just sign up for a 4loveofkink account and you can get started right away.

  • Remotely

    Sign up for an account on our website. All of the features listed above are free for everyone to use. Message Aaron with any questions or special requests that you may have. Let us know that you are a model so that we can change your user status to "Model", this will increase many of the upload and storage limits that the main user group has in addition to granting you access to the exclusive web cam model section of our website-chat with fellow webcam models, get support and share ideas to grow your income.

    You can use this site with any webcam platform. We use and recommend Chaturbate

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