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  1. mmmmmmmmmmm



    1. Aaron


      Thanks for joining the site!

  2. Horned ASF today

  3. wow that one is hot! I'm curious about trying that one out myself.
  4. I've got the Master series Jailhouse device, which is basically all I use right now. But I started with the Rikers one. Much prefer the look, feel and sanitation elements of the jailhouse. Of course, I'm always browsing around and seeing what all the stores offer. One day I might invest in a custom made one. From what I can tell, it some of those look pretty sweet.
  5. Aaron

    Aaron Cums

    Aaron gets off live cam, gets out some hot porn, and turns his vibrator on to just the right level. Watch his big load ooze out. Duration: 7:22 Buy From Indiebill: $9.95 Buy from Manyvids: $19.95
  6. Aaron worships Trevor's pits outside then gets fucked. Duration: 2:35 Buy From Manyvids: $9.99
  7. jeff

    Thanks that was awesome do another like that love your sexy jeans 👖 next time overhead camera 🎥 shoots and a little belly button attention would be awesome Thanks great video!

    1. Aaron


      Glad you like it! We will definitely amp everything up next time

  8. Aaron

    Sleep Cam

    We will be live streaming ourselves (non nude) on here from time to time when we go to sleep. Check us out here: https://www.younow.com/4loveofkink_82253/channel
  9. 4loveofkink has finally made it to Manyvids! Check out our new storefront below: https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/1002672008/trevaaron/Store/Videos/
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