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  1. Steponmyballs2

    Gym Fuck

    I’d follow Trevor home from that gym and work on making him so satisfied he wouldn’t want to leave for weeks. Aaron is an extremely handsome and convincing sub. You can tell he really gets off on being degraded by a superior guy and that he knows his place around him. Love that Trevor feels entitled to step all over Aaron. Very nice feet! Trevor is a very lucky guy! I wouldn’t mind worshipping the both of you!
  2. Steponmyballs2

    Beat That Dick

    Now that’s what I’m talking about! Great little film of Trevor smacking Aaron’s cock and balls with a crop strap while Trevor fills Aaron’s throat with his own dick. Aaron can only moan, groan and keep sucking. Love it when Trevor puts his weight on Aaron’s chest and pummels Aaron’s throat with his cock. My only request would be to see Trevor cum in and on Aaron’s mouth and face or at least bury a load deep in his throat.? maybe work those nipples also.
  3. Steponmyballs2

    Ball Torture

    This was very well done, you can see from his smile that Trevor enjoys causing Aaron to experience the pain of Trevor doing whatever he wants to Aaron’s balls, Trevor does own them after all. The one change I would have made is when doing cbt on Aaron, Trevor should at some point free Aaron from the chastity device so that we viewers can see just how much Aaron is enjoying submitting to his master’s whim. CBT combined with edging is sooo hot, you guys would be great at it.
  4. Steponmyballs2

    Water is the essence of life

    Truly a beautiful man!
  5. Steponmyballs2

    More Feet

  6. Steponmyballs2

    Trevor and Aaron Chaturbate Channel

    Good for you guys for learning that communication about kinks is so important. You can waste so much time being hesitant to bring the conversation beyond plain vanilla, and think of all the great sex you are missi ng out on. As a true sub who is never happier than when I have my husband’s dick up my ass, in my mouth, or when he is letting me service his pits or when he’s got his feet crushing my balls etc etc, I look back and think how horrible it would’ve been if neither of us ever broached the subject!
  7. Steponmyballs2

    The changing tides of your sides

    Totally agree. The best doms I have ever had had learned the experience first hand.