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  1. Trevor

    Trevor Undertable Cum

    Trevor jacks off in the kitchen. See it from the camera looking up at him beneath the table. This film does not have audio. Duration: 2:03 Buy From Indiebill: $6.95 Buy From iwantclips: $9.45
  2. Hey sir can we talk plz I hope ur not annoy with me I really do want to be your slave so plz hit me up 

  3. I'm so lucky that you are the one I found to be my Dom! 

    1. Trevor


      Fuck You !!!


  4. I kno you want this :)

    1. Aaron


      Want what?

  5. It's awesome that ppl are coming to 4love and browsing around :) It means a lot to Aaron and myself. After I set up Patreon and a backbone support system, I'll be a lot more active here. Sry for the delay but it happens when you start something at this magnitude. Enjoy the site ! We have been working hard but love it none the less. Thanks 4love Kinksters 

    Lil something for My real kinky ppl ;)  

    1. Aaron


      Everyone LOVES Trev. He is the reason all of this is possible!!!

  6. Trevor

    Ball Torture

    Having his sub already locked in chastity, Trevor ties up his sub and tortures his balls. Duration: 4:44 Buy From Indiebill: $5.95 Buy From iwantclips: $7.31 Free Preview: ball torture
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  9. Trevor

    Pride 2018

    Let Everyone Watch 4love goes to Pride of Detroit 2018 and definitely a weekend to remember. Not only was it Aaron's & I first time attending but also first time doing public kink play. At the fountain in the middle of Heart Plaza Aaron worshiped my feet. I ask some random guy in high heels to capture all the magic Sry not the greatest quality picture but still awesome.