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  1. Hey just wanted to say thank you for posting links to share in the links directory! We appreciate your support and involvement

    1. HangryStarfish


      My pleasure, Aaron! Anything for you boys. If I can't lick you, I may as well help fill up your site with great content, or however that old saying goes. 😈

    2. Aaron


      Awww you are so sweet!

  2. OXBALLS is the ultimate provider of comfortable, innovative, sexy cockrings, cocksheaths, & ballstretchers. They make a huge assortment of different shapes and sizes so you are sure to find something just right for your package. Jack-Off, fuck some hole, stuff your dick in a hot drooling mouth… They’ve tested these fuckers out on all kinds of meat: big hairy bull-beef…piggy uncut pork…smooth tanned chicken tenders with shaved balls. They all dug it. It fits if you are hung huge or hung…er…less huge…with big balls or small balls… At OXBALLS, most of us are “simple” single-minded sex-on-the-brain drooling dirty pigs, constantly groping our junk and making foul comments…that’s just what we are…that’s why sometimes simple is better...(after all, the simple dumb ones are the best fucks!) Fort Troff Fuck Machine 3.0.mp4
  3. Fort Troff has an assortment of realistic dongs, vibrating prostate massagers, butt plugs, and colon snakes that will satisfy any hungry bottom's need for rectal fulfillment. There are even toys with remote controls so Sir can administer pleasure from across the room when his slave least expects it! Mmmmmm. You'll find plenty of quality toys here to plug that whore's back door up until Daddy's ready to plow and plant seed there himself. Fort Troff Fuck Machine 3.0.mp4
  4. At ATOMIC JOCK, we love chastity play but hate ruining the spontaneity of a scene by trying to fiddle with rigid plastics or metals and teeny padlocks. That is until now...locking up your cock has never been easier with the new COCK-LOCK chastity cage from our ATOMIC JOCK line. Modeled after our COCKSLING-2, we’ve gone one step further and made the squishiest, most stretchable chastity device around. This super soft TPR cock cage stretches to fit even the most eager sub’s leaking member. Just slather the inside with your favorite lube, stuff your dick and balls in, and watch your boner strain helplessly in its new home. Each COCK-LOCK has a small opening at the tip allowing for easy bladder emptying and extended wear. You can also pull your PA through it for an added locking effect...plus it looks just plain sleazin' stickin' out of your cage while your sweaty meat is tightly encased... With the COCK-LOCK, your Sir can show you who’s boss without the hassle of trying to coax your dicklet into some elaborate chastity device. With that nub outta the way the real fun can start, boy! And for you not so submissive pigs out there, COCK-LOCK doubles as the perfect packer to give your jockstrap that hefty pornstar bulge. Fort Troff Fuck Machine 3.0.mp4
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    Jockstrap Central was started in 2005 by partners Adrian Dobson and John Taite. Granted, there are lots of underwear stores and even other places to get jockstraps, but there's only so much you can copy and mimic. We're more than just a typical store using manufacturer supplied photos on headless models. We realize that being an online store, beyond our detailed descriptions, it's our extensive, high quality, high-resolution photography that instills confidence in your purchases. We provide photos from all angles, close-ups of fabrics and demonstrations of features and it's all uncensored so you know EXACTLY what you're getting. And speaking of photography, we have a confession: Although technically it's catalog photography we produce, we love the physique photography of yesteryear and also the male form so you may find we indulge a little (ok, a lot) and produce many artistic and certainly sexually charged photos that may not necessarily show off the jocks but hopefully enhance your shopping experience. Fort Troff Fuck Machine 3.0.mp4
  6. HangryStarfish

    Fort Troff Fuck Machine 3.0

    Fuck Machine 3.0 will drill you ANY way you need. Keep it locked down in its stand and angle it to ANY height. You can even stand it up 90 degrees, stand up and feel it pump straight into your hole. Detach it and you have a rough, turbo-charged cock gun. It’s the most versatile fuck machine we’ve seen, and it’s engineered to fuck seamlessly with ANY Fort Troff cock. Based on your feedback, it’s now equipped with a bigger motor that delivers over 20 PCT more TORQUE. We seriously ramped up the PUSH for when you need it most. Superior power is just the beginning. Most fuck machines have controls that are too damn sensitive, not ours. Our big grippy dial has a good range, far less sensitive than ANY we've ever tested. The idea is to go SLOW carefully increasing the speed of the thrusts and that's what our Control does. Our Machine delivers a standard 2 inch thrust. Fort Troff Fuck Machine 3.0.mp4
  7. HangryStarfish

    RIP Tumblr

    There are a lot of perverts and scalawags like myself leaving Tumblr's decimated corpse behind and moving over to MeWe.com. I just set up my account yesterday and started looking around, creating groups and making connections, but so far it looks like it could be a good thing with more privacy anyway. If you haven't already, you should check it out! mewe.com/i/oscarsilvestre
  8. Recently I have found I just want to be bound

    With a well braided rope by a man.

    He just wants things his way at the end of the day,

    So he rapes me in the back of a van.

    He doesn't need my consent, and I'm quick to repent

    Should he think I'm not worthy to serve.

    My whole body aflame, I fucking live for this game.

    When I'm punished, it's what I deserve. 1626200147_TornBetweenGoodEvil.jpg.94ca322bb05572869ad49393aaa4f24d.jpg

  9. Hey bud. Just wanted to say thanks for joining!

    1. HangryStarfish


      Absolutely my pleasure! Thanks for sharing your awesome shows!