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Found 17 results

  1. We met like every other gay cpl in the world on a hook-up dating app. Aaron purchased a membership to Grindr which is based off location. This showed guys farther than 20 miles of him. He started a simple chat with me. Hey, how you doing? and all that great stuff. Shortly after we started chatting, kink entered the conversation. Considering we both had experience with these types of apps, we both knew a lot of time can been wasted with flakes. There was no reason to beat around the bush. We expressed our most extreme kinks the first day of chatting. Because we were in our late 20’s and experienced enough to know what we wanted, but just was never able to find others with kinks that match up. So we tackled even more kinks that first night…. Fucking Aaron drove 45 mins to my house without knowing if he was being catfished, set-up or shot. Aaron was a bit kinkier than I and he had a good amount of experience with feet, water-sports and bondage. I on the other hand have mostly dealt with vanilla monogamist relationships. It was only a week prior that I first played any WS. Regardless, Aaron allowed me to restrain him down that night and although hesitant also let me fuck him raw. The kink that really did it for us was WORSHIP. My understanding is that any guy wants every inch of his body licked and sucked, not to mention for hours. I truly didn’t think that there were really ppl that “give head for hours” but he was the first to leave my dick in his mouth for legit HOURS. Although no Dom/sub stuff was talked about in the beginning, it was already seeping in without our knowledge.
  2. Trevor

    Pride 2018

    Let Everyone Watch 4love goes to Pride of Detroit 2018 and definitely a weekend to remember. Not only was it Aaron's & I first time attending but also first time doing public kink play. At the fountain in the middle of Heart Plaza Aaron worshiped my feet. I ask some random guy in high heels to capture all the magic Sry not the greatest quality picture but still awesome.
  3. Aaron

    Gym Fuck

    Trevor works out in the gym. Aaron sees him in the locker room and checks him out. If only Aaron knew what Trevor has in store for him. Duration: 7:01 Buy From Indiebill: $7.66 Free Preview: Gym Play
  4. Aaron

    Beat That Dick

    Trevor has Aaron tied up, uses his throat as a fuck toy and whips his dick and chest. Then proceeds to fuck his throat hard. Duration: 5:30 Buy From Indiebill: $6.95 Buy From iwantclips: $7.29 Free Preview: Beat That Dick
  5. Aaron

    The changing tides of your sides

    Trevor often says that no one is completely one way or the other. No one is completely Top or Bottom, no one is completely sub or Dom. The duality of life is what keeps it interesting. We may lean one way or the other, but rarely are we 100% on one side. I always found his statement interesting and very agreeable. But lately, his statement has been ringing more and more true. Before Trevor, I tied up and used two other guys, but they were just one night stands. I always viewed my Dom side as very small, always leaning much more on the sub side. I felt before that I was 10% Dom, 90% sub. But change is part of life; and lately I've found that preference to change to 30% Dom and 70% sub. My desire to Dom someone has went up a great deal lately. There are challenges on both sides. What those challenges are and the impacts of them varies on the individual. No matter which side you are on, or are switching to, you must be ready to accept challenges as they come. I don't want to think that I'm avoiding the challenges I've faced as a sub, but having some new challenges on the other side seems like it might be a breath of fresh air. Sometimes, when you've been on one side long enough, you simply want a change. Rather or not my percentages are going to change at all, only time will tell. But I still feel that I'll always be mostly a sub. But that's the thing, I have experienced being a sub. I know what whips, candles, drinking piss, being stood/sat on and being degraded feels like. A Dom who is man enough to be willing to take the pain he dishes out, in my opinion, makes a much better Dom than someone who is too scared or unwilling to get first hand experience on the other side. By no means do I expect to be a perfect Dom. Mistakes will be made. But I'll be going into it with a much deeper understanding of what my sub feels, and therefore, will be able to provide better guidance during the aftercare stage and train them better. When a problem arises, or if my sub should need guidance and support, it'll be far more effective being able to say "I remember when I was a sub....." VS. "The last sub I had did this......." First hand experience is always best. And having that, I believe, will make me a better first time Dom than a Dom who's on their 2nd or 3rd sub. I feel that I might be able to give more to someone as a Dom as well. Trevor has given lots to me, so it makes sense that I would want to pass it on someday. I think I might mentally respond better to being a Dom, and I would be sensitive and caring, partly because that's part of who I am anyway, and partly because I would be able to truly put myself in my sub's shoes in many situations. Am I right to make all of these assumptions? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. But there's only one way of finding out right? I'm still, of course, going to be playing with Trevor. Who knows, it might be exiting being on both sides of the fence at once! So....with all that said. I'm on the market for subs! Let's see how this all pans out...
  6. Aaron

    Being Blessed

    Aaron is such a lucky sub, getting all the nutrients he needs Duration: 7:13 Buy From Xtube: $10.00
  7. Aaron

    Aaron The Piss Sub In Training

    Trevor helps his sub learn how to take his piss. Duration: 3:35 Buy From Xtube: $7.16
  8. Aaron

    The Foot Fairy

    A jock gets a visit from the foot fairy! Aaron rushes to Trevor's feet, licks them and sucks them good. Then he gets sat on and stood on. Buy From Indiebill: $8.32 Buy From iwantclips: $11.69 Free Preview: 720_1173_Iosc6-G533-.mp4
  9. Aaron

    Feed The Foot Slave

    Aaron doesn't eat like most people, he eats off the floor from Trevor's feet. Duration: 4:55 Buy From Indiebill: $6.95 Buy From iwantclips: $11.10 Free Preview: 720_1500_IMBBk-G840-.mp4
  10. Aaron

    Armpit Worship

    Aaron worships Trevor's pits. Duration: 2:35 Buy From Indiebill: $4.20 Buy From iwantclips: $5.15
  11. Aaron

    Sub Grooming

    Trevor shaves his sub. Face, pits, ass. Of course, Aaron sucks Trevor's dick while the grooming happens. Duration: 12:48 Buy From Indiebill: $6.95 Free Preview: 720_1500_4gLLX-G438-.mp4
  12. Aaron

    Butt plug and fuck

    Trevor gets out the clear butt plug out and plays with Aaron's ass before fucking him. Duration: 3:27 Buy From Indiebill: $5.36 Buy From iwantclips: $7.00
  13. Aaron

    Hotel Fuck

    Trevor fucks Aaron in a hotel room Duration: 5.00 Buy From Indiebill: $6.95 Free Preview Hotel Fuck
  14. Aaron

    Intense Wax Play

    Aaron gets covered in candle wax, and Trevor gives him other surprises like ice and a whopping. If you are into sensual play/pain this one's for you! Duration: 17:51 Buy From Indiebill: $9.07 Buy From iwantclips: $12.99 Free Preview: 720_1500_AJafy-G133-.mp4
  15. This is what a real life Fairy looks like!!!!!
  16. Yo Bruh, Just wanted to let you know that everything looks great on here..... You have spent many of hours working on this website and it shows. I appreciate you doing all this with very little help from yours truly. I know what this means to you, even if you don't want to admit the real reason why. I need you to understand that thanks to you I've became a real Dom. I've learned to look at all aspects of healthy kink, consent and checklists. Now I have the know-how to do everything I can for the kink community. All the young boi pussy of my future thanks you as well. Until next time,