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Found 21 results

  1. Aaron

    Gym Fuck

    Trevor works out in the gym. Aaron sees him in the locker room and checks him out. If only Aaron knew what Trevor has in store for him. Duration: 7:01 Buy From Indiebill: $7.66 Free Preview: Gym Play Preview.mov
  2. Aaron

    Beat That Dick

    Trevor has Aaron tied up, uses his throat as a fuck toy and whips his dick and chest. Then proceeds to fuck his throat hard. Duration: 5:30 Buy From Indiebill: $6.95 Buy From iwantclips: $7.29 Free Preview: https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/trevor-plays-with-aaron-s-dick-and-face-fucks-him-37478211 Beat That Dick Pre.mov
  3. Aaron

    Being Blessed

    Aaron is such a lucky sub, getting all the nutrients he needs Duration: 7:13 Buy From Xtube: $10.00
  4. Trevor helps his sub learn how to take his piss. Duration: 3:35 Buy From Xtube: $7.16
  5. Aaron

    The Foot Fairy

    A jock gets a visit from the foot fairy! Aaron rushes to Trevor's feet, licks them and sucks them good. Then he gets sat on and stood on. Buy From Indiebill: $8.32 Buy From iwantclips: $11.69 Free Preview: https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/the-foot-fairy-short-33420982 720_1173_Iosc6-G533-.mp4
  6. Aaron

    Feed The Foot Slave

    Aaron doesn't eat like most people, he eats off the floor from Trevor's feet. Duration: 4:55 Buy From Indiebill: $6.95 Buy From iwantclips: $11.10 Free Preview: https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/trevor-feeds-his-foot-slave-37174651 720_1500_IMBBk-G840-.mp4
  7. Aaron

    Armpit Worship

    Aaron worships Trevor's pits. Duration: 2:35 Buy From Indiebill: $4.20 Buy From iwantclips: $5.15
  8. Trevor shaves his sub. Face, pits, ass. Of course, Aaron sucks Trevor's dick while the grooming happens. Duration: 12:48 Buy From Indiebill: $6.95 Free Preview: https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/trevor-grooms-his-sub-36343231 720_1500_4gLLX-G438-.mp4
  9. Trevor gets out the clear butt plug out and plays with Aaron's ass before fucking him. Duration: 3:27 Buy From Indiebill: $5.36 Buy From iwantclips: $7.00
  10. Aaron

    Hotel Fuck

    Trevor fucks Aaron in a hotel room Duration: 5.00 Buy From Indiebill: $6.95 Free Preview https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/the-hotel-fuck-36343111 Hotel Fuck Preview.mov
  11. Aaron

    Intense Wax Play

    Aaron gets covered in candle wax, and Trevor gives him other surprises like ice and a whopping. If you are into sensual play/pain this one's for you! Duration: 17:51 Buy From Indiebill: $9.07 Buy From iwantclips: $15.20 Free Preview: https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/intense-wax-play-short-33422442 720_1500_AJafy-G133-.mp4
  12. Yo Bruh, Just wanted to let you know that everything looks great on here..... You have spent many of hours working on this website and it shows. I appreciate you doing all this with very little help from yours truly. I know what this means to you, even if you don't want to admit the real reason why. I need you to understand that thanks to you I've became a real Dom. I've learned to look at all aspects of healthy kink, consent and checklists. Now I have the know-how to do everything I can for the kink community. All the young boi pussy of my future thanks you as well. Until next time,
  13. Trevor

    Hidden Trove

    Podcast’s If you are even considering Kink please do some research. The easiest place to start is with a podcast. It will give you a little feel for what is to come. It shows that kink is truly for everybody. These are normal-ish people that except everyone no matter what their specific kinks are. http://www.pervertedpodcast.com/ https://kinkypod.com/topic/english-bdsm-podcasts/ https://podcast.mollysdailykiss.com/ Top Websites These are “Mega” sites. So much information for newbies and oldies that didn’t know. Tons of people with similar interests. Want a intense crash course on Kink? Regardless of the answer, don’t forget to keep theses saved! www.collarspace.com/ https://fetlife.com/ https://thecage.co/main.php Don't be a Dummy Thought the title was funny. Extensive glossary and nice getting-started articles. I appreciated the advice giving to budding submissives and warnings signs of a ABUSER. Safety is #1 ---https://bdsmfordummies.wordpress.com--- Muches Munches are local meet-ups within the community. These are very useful for people that don’t believe there are others interested. They are held at !public! restaurants or community centers. There are no crazy outfits, no propositions and no reason to give your real name. Kinks are closer than you think. *Fetlife is also an legit and awesome munch finder* http://findamunch.com/ http://redvioletmunch.proboards.com/ ALL MIGHTY TUMBLR If your looking for free raunchy porn without the viruses and invaluable information…. It’s right here!!! Make a free profile and repost all you want . Search internet browser for your kink with tumblr in the title. This was where my BDSM adventure began and it will always be in my back pocket. Super secret, super kinky and many internet blogs also have a tumblr version. https://4loveofkink.tumblr.com/ The Book Love this book! Although it is very thick (haha) with lots of statistics, anthropology and neurology. It explains what happens in our head and how our brain is built to process it. Great read! Understand the different ways of thinking between girls and guys. If anything else then cliff notes it and get the gist. It might persuade you to read it! http://www.billionwickedthoughts.com/ Dating websites If you wanna find a date then apps have taken over. Many are by location or question and answer based then a computer matches. Do you wanna be kinky? will most likely not be asked. A lot of online kink matching costs. Apps are dangerous and a long rough time finding a match but at they will be close. I would just put “I’m kinda kinky” somewhere on your profile. Safety is KEY…. I can’t express that enough. Crazy people will use “kink” as an excuse to be sociopaths. Be patient, be smart and have fun. https://alt.com/ https://www.pof.com/ https://tinder.com/ Safety, Safety !Safety! http://www.kinkabuse.com/ http://www.kinkacademy.com/ http://www.kinkweekly.com/ http://www.kinktalk.com/ Message boards So many experiences in such a little space. If your really wanna do research and find almost exactly what you need. Ha. It could take a while but it will definitely be worth it. Whether you wanna come up the kink closet or just curious. Message boards are vital for your expression of kink. Probably worth mentioning that if you think you can bring something new to kink, think again. It’s all been done and perfected for years Sry. http://kinksfanclub.proboards.com/ https://bdsmboard.org/ https://www.reddit.com/r/BDSMcommunity/ http://bdsminternational.org/ https://bdsmpassions.com/ http://www.collarchat.com/ Blogs Always a great idea. Make one yourself or keep a journal about your experiences. This will help to keep your mind in order so things don’t get out of hand without knowing it. People can make some top notch blogs about their D/s relationships. Keep in mind these are usually one couple and kink is whatever you want it to be, with consent. I’ll most likely never care for masks or wearing black leather. Limits/preferences need to be established before and must be honored to build trust. Baby steps my fellow kinksters. No use rushing, just sit back and enjoy the ride. http://www.eroticawakening.com/ https://masocast.com/ http://www.seekers.org.uk/ https://ourchangingviews.wordpress.com/ http://bannon.com/ Dominate Blogs: http://souldominant.blogspot.com/ https://dominantsoul.wordpress.com/ http://dominantguide.com/ http://gentle-dominant.com/ http://mistressladyleyla.blogspot.com Submissive Blogs: http://soulsubmissive.blogspot.com/ http://voluntarysubmissiontoanother.tumblr.com/ http://bdsm-sexperts.blogspot.com/ http://dennisnajee.blogspot.com/ *https://www.dominadynasty.com/*
  14. Talk kink with me. I love all kinks
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